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Topics Within Themes
Project staff have carefully chosen each of the specific topics explored within a given theme to ensure a direct correlation to the existing curriculum framework standards for each group of participating teachers (elementary, middle school and high school). Over the course of one SALEM in History cycle, then, a participating teacher will be exposed to readings, primary sources and discussions related to at least four topics he or she is charged with teaching. This structure provides teachers with an opportunity to identify, discuss and explore key throughlines in American history and contextualize grade-specific topics. It also helps foster a sense of district-wide coherence among teachers of American history.
Topic selection is also correlated (wherever possible) with availability of primary sources in our partners' collections.

As an example, themes and topics for the 2004-2005 cycle are listed here:
Fall: The Peopling of America: Migration and Immigration
1. People of the First Light: Wampanoag History
2. The Vanishing Indian: Removal, Relocation, Reservations and Representation in the 19th century
3. The Great Migration: African Americans and the Growth of the Urban North
Spring: America in the World: American Foreign Relations
1. The Long Road to Lexington: Networks of Resistance in colonial Massachusetts
2. They Burned the White House?: What was the War of 1812 all about?
3. Into the Quagmire: Vietnam
Summer: An Industrious People: American Economic History
1. Women and Work in Colonial New England
2. "Ten Footers" and Factories: Industrial Growth in the Antebellum North
3. Building Wealth Through the China and East Indies Trade
4. Consumer Culture & Consumption Landscape in Post-War America