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This table is used for column layout.

Skill Builders
When children learn to observe, identify, classify, count, collect and analyze data, they develop skills that transfer into further learning.

Here are some suggestions for helping your child build these important thinking skills:

Ask questions -
“Can you find…?”
“How many …?”
“What does that remind you of?”
“What color is/are …?”
“What shape is that …?”
“What did you notice?”
“Which object/group is the largest/smallest?”
“Do you see a pattern?”
“How is this the same/different?”
“How are these objects alike?”
“How are these objects different?”

Identify attributes or characteristics -
size (big, small, tall, short)
texture (smooth, rough, hard, soft)
temperature (hot, warm, cold)
weight (heavy, light)

Examine/find out -
Is it hot or cold?
Does it sink or float?
Is it heavy or light?
Is it wet or dry?
Is it hard or soft?

Sort, count, and organize objects.
Start a collection –
        of rocks,
        of shells,
        of stuffed animals
        of sports cards,
        of hats,
        of things that are red, blue, green, etc.
        of things that are round, square, etc.
        of books, of shiny things.

Use your senses.
Take a walk, notice and talk about what you see, hear, feel, smell and taste –
        in the backyard,
        at the park,
        in the neighborhood,
        at the mall,
        around the house,